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Events and Concerts

The company “Innovations.Business.Travel.” express its respect and offers its services in organizing performances of Russian folk music groups:

  1. Organization of choir performances from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian regions: this is traditional folk song folklore, works of patriotic and civic themes (historical scenes, songs about the Motherland, songs of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars), author songs by modern composers of Russia, spiritual works. Concert performances of the choir are a kind of folk song theater with alternating colorful playing scenes, folk dances, solo numbers and ritual mini-performances. The chorus programs are extremely dynamic and multi-genre. Most of the gaming, comic, dance songs and round dances, which are played in concerts, are performed in motion.
  2. Organization of performances of Russian orchestras of classical music.
  3. Organization of performances of Russian harmonists and accordionists.

Organization of holidays and corporate events:

  • Script development for you personally
  • Complex Event-services (selection of the venue of the event, ordering catering, room decoration, service for the selection of musicians and artists ...)
  • Organization of literary and musical evenings by candlelight
  • Theater tickets
  • Theme nights, concert organization
  • Organization of corporate events