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Victory day. Leningrad.

09-11 May 3 days / 2 nights;   May 9-Victory Day.

This day is traditionally held military parade on Palace square, laying of wreaths at the monuments to liberators throughout the city, Procession IMMORTAL REGIMENT on the Nevsky prospect. The day ends with fireworks over the Neva river.

1 day 09.05.19 (THU)

The group arrives in St. Petersburg at railway station/airport.  

Meeting with guide. Departure for the program.

Tour to Peterhof - Capital of fountains.

Excursion on the highway "Great Peterhof road - from emperors to presidents".

The tour will acquaint you with the history of the seaside road along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland and with the outstanding idea of Peter the Great to create a world-class ensemble of estates and villas. Preserved manor house and garden of the Peterhof road, owned by Russian noble names, inseparably associated with the history of our country. During the trip you will see the estates Novoznamenka, Alexandrino, kiryanovo, hear the story of the Royal Ligovo, admire the Grand estates Mikhailovka, Znamenka and Strelna, which is now the Constantine Palace.

Excursion to the Grand Palace. Excursion to the Lower Park of fountains. Peterhof lower Park is the most famous and visited fountain Park in the world. The appearance of this miracle became possible thanks to the initiative of Peter I, who personally developed the water supply system. The magnificent Park begins near the Grand Peterhof Palace, with the Grand cascade, from which the canal leads directly to the Gulf of Finland — a kind of symmetry line of the Peterhof Park. The cascade itself and several other fountains of Peterhof are dedicated to Russia's victory in the Northern war — a key moment in Russian history that made it an Empire.

One of the small palaces of the Lower Park:the Museum, the Catherine block", Museum of "the Bath", the Palace Monplezir, Pavilion the Hermitage, the Palace "Marly", the Museum "the Grottoes of the Grand cascade", the Museum "Imperial yacht", etc.

(Tour time 5 hours)

Return to St. Petersburg.  Accommodation in the hotel.

Free time. Opportunity to take part in city celebrations. 

22.00 approximate time of the beginning of the festive salute in honor of the Victory.

Day 2 10.05.19 (FRI)

Breakfast at hotel. 

Victory day is a time when our country pays tribute to the people who saved us

our motherland.  Who gave us our lives. Victory day in Leningrad is the pain of the siege and the courage of the people caught in inhuman conditions, and while the remaining people.

The road of Life-for each leningradets is the road of memory to these people.

We invite you to a tour of the most famous road of St. Petersburg - the Road of Life.

Suburban bus tour "The Road of Life»

The excursion route passes through the former "Road of Life" - the only route that connected Leningrad with the Mainland during the siege. After the end of the great Patriotic war, it was decided to mark on it the most significant objects that you will see during the tour. Learn about the work of drivers and regulators, about the device of the ice road, and its role in the life of the besieged Leningrad, as well as visit the Museum "Road of Life" in Osinovets, which presents authentic objects and military equipment of the blockade time.

The duration of the bus tour is 8 hours.

Day 3 11.05.19 (SAT)

Breakfast at hotel.  Chek out. Things on the bus (leave in the storage room at the station).

City tour of "Grand Petersburg". During the tour you will see all the main places of interest . You will be able to make a lot of beautiful photos during the photo stops. The tour will end at the Palace square.

The state Hermitage Museum is one of the largest museums of fine and decorative arts in the world. Sightseeing  tour of the main halls of the Palace.

Excursion to St. Isaac's Cathedral.

St. Isaac's Cathedral-an Orthodox Church with a long history, "pearl" of world and domestic architecture. Dedicated to St. Isaac of Dalmatia. The Cathedral is one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. Its gilded dome and high drum can be seen from the Gulf of Finland.

 Those who wish to admire St. Petersburg from a bird's-eye view will be able to climb the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral

Boat trip on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg

Transfer to the railway station / airport.

Departure of the group.

The cost of the program is calculated on request, taking into account the wishes of the group.